Auto Accident

Auto accident injuries can be very serious. Research has demonstrated their devastating effects can last a lifetime.  As a chiropractor for over 13 years I have helped many people with this injury. Many people are unclear about what a whiplash is and what it means to them.  I hope I can clear up some of the confusion.

Adult upset driver man in front of automobile crash car collision accident in city road

Have You Been in a Car Crash?

A whiplash injury can occur when you are hit from behind while seated in a stationary car or in a head on collision.   In a fraction of a second before you know what is happening, your car is pushed forward.  At the time of impact, your body is forced into your seat and your head, is forced into the headrest. Then, in a immediate change of direction your head reverses and moves forward until you body is restrained by your seat belt.  Then, finally, your head starts moving backwards toward the head rest again.   Due to this rapid acceleration and deceleration of your neck the tissues of your neck the muscles, ligaments and strained beyond its normal limits.  It is this “whipping” action of the head that causes injury to the neck structures.

Usually it sometimes takes several days, before many of the more common symptoms such as neck pain, headaches, dizziness and loss of range of motion in your neck occur.  It can take time for the swelling and inflammation from the tears in the injured ligaments and muscles to accumulate and become irritating and painful.  When the supportive ligaments are compromised by injury, the muscles get tight to “splint” or guard the injured structures and delicate nerves from further injury. It is essential during these few weeks of repair and healing to restore normal ranges of motion and spinal alignment.  If this is not done, the spinal misalignments caused by the injury may end up with a disorganized array of scar tissue that will limit future normal functioning and lead to arthritis of your neck or spinal decay and degeneration. Chiropractic adjustments, therapy and exercise can help to ensure that you have the best possible functional restoration of your neck.  This will greatly decrease the likelihood of chronic pain and stiffness, disc and joint degeneration, and pinched nerves.  With stabilization and strengthening of your spinal structures, your vulnerability for future injuries is also decreased.  If you have a whiplash, have an examination with Poway chiropractor Dr. Rode of Rode Chiropractic