Who is Dr. Kip Rode?

“ A brief description; THOROUGH. I have never been to a Great Chiropractor before I met Dr. Kip Rode. I had been to only one chiropractor prior to him and all they did was a quick adjustment. Dr. Rode will explain the details and the structure of your back and will explain it to you in Layman’s terms (English) of how and why you are in pain.

Jexter IsipI am an avid Golfer and love playing golf whenever I can. I try to play my regular golf game with my buddies and for quite sometime now my main complaint after playing is my lower back. There have been numerous times that I had to lay down and sleep to take away the pain after playing golf. I am not a fan of pain medication and will sleep my way out of pain until or if I can.

Then I met Dr. Kip Rode. He examined me and got some X-Ray’s going and found out the cause of all my aches and pains. He took care of me and made some adjustments to align my back. After a few days of visits, I saw a dramatic change, not only in my back aches, but in my golf game. I noticed that I can swing the golf club better and am no longer worried that I will hurt my back.

I play in a golf tournament with a bunch of friends and play four different courses with different trophy for each course. In the past I had never won a trophy. Now since getting adjusted I won two of these course trophies winning the tournaments back to back. Not only did I beat my friends, but now I have bragging rights until next month’s game.

Then I had a car accident: The very day of the accident, I visited Dr. Rode. He checked and made sure that there was nothing broken and all is in place. The next day, I was still in a lot of pain from the accident and had to visit him again and that really helped a lot!

Thank you! Dr. Rode for giving me the opportunity to beat my friends in Golf and especially for resolving my back ache.

I am all well now, but I still visit Dr. Rode when a golf tournament is coming up or when I am feeling the need for an adjustment!

Jexter Isip



Michelle WestheadEver since having my second child Abby, I was frequently having episodes of low back pain. The pain became more constant and got worse as I carried her around. It would start in the center of my back and would move out to the sides The pain was really starting affect mean the kind of parent I could be to my daughter. To get rid of the pain, I would take some Tylenol which would help for a while, but once it wore off, the pain was back. I would get massages but they would only help briefly. Another mom friend of mine who experienced the same kind of aches and pains from carrying her children around told me how her chiropractor had been able to help her. I had never been to a chiropractor so I didn’t really know what to expect.

I met Dr. Rode and he asked me some questions about my pain. He then did an exam and took some x-rays of my spine. He was very thorough in his explanation about what was going on in my spine and why I was having the pain. He also answered all my questions I had. He set up a treatment plan for me and I can say I feel so much better today after having been adjusted. I can now do the things that the pain had prevented me from doing in the past. I feel like a happier healthier mom thanks to his care. I know I am very grateful to him and so is my family.

Michelle Westhead



E KueffnerAlmost two years ago, I injured my lower back on a construction project in Connecticut. I was out of work for a week and sought chiropractic treatment for a “bulging disc”. In only a few visits, my pain was relieved and I was convinced that chiropractic helped without emergency room visits or prescription drugs. I discontinued treatment after the pain subsided, but I realize now that I did not correct my spinal alignment. Over time, my lower spine shifted out of alignment and settled in a twisted manor without my awareness. My alignment degenerated slowly and I did not notice the affect this injury had on my energy level, strength, movement, digestion, and even attitude. The severity of my subluxation was unknown until my left leg went numb and the shooting spinal pain returned. I thought that I had re-injured myself seriously. I tried Ibuprofen, Aleve, and a hot compress, but they did not alleviate the aggravated nerves. I was unable to even drive a truck.

Every pothole or speed bump was torturous. I was desperate to get immediate treatment, so I searched the internet for a chiropractor in my area and found Rode Chiropractic. I read through the comments online which were left from previous patients and I was comforted by the success stories. Dr. Rode set an immediate appointment. After seeing the x-rays, Dr. Rode’s diagnosis identified the problem area and the degree at which my spine was out of alignment. Treatment to lessen the pain began the following day. After the first readjustment, I remember saying to myself “Oh thank God”. Unlocking my spine was instantly soothing. I was instructed to make a few minor changes in my habits and lifestyle like not crossing my legs and sleeping on my back. The pain was alleviated in only a few visits. After a month, the normal circulation returned to my left leg. I am now happily playing golf, snorkeling, and riding rides at the fair in only 21 visits! I am proud to be a Rode Chiropractic success story and I have signed family members up for Dr. Rode’s 15 minute realignment. I owe much of my quality of life to these incredible new chiropractic techniques and experiences

Elliot Kueffner



G HenrichsI had been having a lot of neck problems for about 6 or 7 years. The pain was usually worse in the winter time, because of the cold temperature. When doing mechanical work outside on the buses it was more noticeable. The pain was making it hard to do my job because I have to turn my head a lot and that aggravated everything. The pain also made it hard to change lanes while driving because it hurt when I would turn my head to see if the lane was clear. I would always get pain in the left side of my neck and I would get tingling in my right arm in the morning. Usually I would just suffer through it, but when the pain got really bad I would take about 600 mg of Motrin to help stop the pain.

I had never been to a chiropractor before so I didn’t know what to expect. Dr Rode asked me some questions and figured out the it probably all started from a bad car accident I had in 1991. He then did an exam and took some X-rays of my neck. Dr. Rode then explained the X-rays to me so that I understood why I was having the pain in my neck. I started getting chiropractic care and I must say it has really made a difference. I can now turn my head much farther than I could before, and I don’t get any pain when I do it. I can also work on the buses all day without having the pain like I was having before. Thank you Dr. Rode for helping to stop the pain after all these years.

Gaylen Henrichs 



K KestlerI had experienced back pain and discomfort since High School when I was an avid gymnast. I had received chiropractic care in High School but discontinued due to rigors of College. So it was my natural inclination to again seek chiropractic care as a preventative measure. I would  experience a dull achy low back pain on a daily basis, usually as the day wore on.
Pain medication like aspirin or ibuprofen provided little to no relief. I would occasionally experience sharp chest pains and joint pain associated with cold temperatures, as well as occasional sharp back pains associated with certain activities.

Since receiving my chiropractic care from Dr. Rode my general back pain has greatly decreased from the treatment, also I no longer get the joint pain that I used to experience and I no longer feel the sharp pains in my chest.

Chiropractic care has helped greatly and I plan on continuing my maintenance visits to maintain my progress and improve my condition.

Kelly Kestler


GoetzIn June of 2008 I suffered from an intense mid back spasm. I went to the emergency room experiencing the worst pain of my life. Unfortunately I was ignored there and ended up going to another ER facility. I was very concerned that over an hour of extreme back spasm had caused irreversible damage to my spine and back. I was in need of a Chiropractor to tend to my back and after many phone calls decided on visiting Dr. Rode’s office based on the conversation we had on the phone. His questions were precise and made it easy for me to give him the answers over the phone needed for a accurate tele-examination.

Dr. Rode turned out not only to be swift and reliable (two skills us Germans tend to insist on), but very flexible in adapting his approaches in treatment depending on the progress of my healing process. His treatments and techniques left me with a feeling of relief after each visit and the distortion of my spine, of my spine, caused by the attacks I had suffered, is now completely gone. We further discussed future steps and my family has already replaced our mattress with one that gives my back more support, a vital step towards my rehabilitation. Furthermore I will invest in an ergonomic chair that will relieve my back and neck during the day. Having the severe back-problem I had and having had such a terrible day at San Diego’s ER’s I did not know where else to go. In the past I had gone to Chiropractors for minor sports injuries without ever appreciating their effort. I was always under the impression that more harm than help had been done. This time the experience was the complete opposite.

I am now pain free; I have a feeling that Dr. Rode addressed each and every one of my back conditions with adequate methods which led to a successful recovery in a timely manner. This experience was a very positive one and I can only hope I will find equivalent chiropractic support in my new home in Chapel Hill, NC.

Thank you and best regards,

Gotz Vogelsang


K AndersonI first came to see Dr. Rode for neck pain that I had been having for a long time. It started in my neck and then I would get pain in my right shoulder blade as well. It was really annoying and made my work at the computer a lot more difficult. On bad occasions, I would start to get a headache. It got to the point were I started waking up with a headache in the morning. I found this especially frustrating. In the past, I would put a hot cloth on my neck and this helped a little bit. I would also take some aspirin and that seemed to help but only temporarily and to a limited degree.

I went to Dr. Rode’s Office and he asked me some questions about my neck pain and headaches. After that he did an exam and took some X-rays of my neck and mid back. Later I came back the next day and he went over everything that he found. I had never seen my X-rays before so it was very interesting. Dr. Rode explained in detail exactly what we were looking at in the different pictures. I really got a good understanding of what was going on with my body, why I was feeling the pain. Dr. Rode started adjusting me and have gotten a lot better. He educated me on things not to do like holding the phone receiver to my ear with my shoulder, and why I should not sleep on my stomach. That advice really helped.

I would encourage anyone with neck pain and headaches to see and get help from Dr. Rode like I have, he really has made a difference.

Kirsten Anderson


M TonnerIn September of 2008 I had tweaked my neck, and then in May 2009 it became untenable.  I had very limited range of motion.  I couldn’t tilt my head back at all.  When I lay down to sleep I had to support my head with my hand, or else climb into bed prone and then roll over.  While driving I couldn’t safely check my blind spot quickly, as I had to turn my entire body.  It was very difficult look left while turning right at red lights.  While riding my motorcyle, it was painful if I got a gust of wind that pushed my head back.  I did try some muscle relaxers but they had no detectable effect.
Dr Rode listened to what I said about my pain and wrote it down.  I was asked when it started, and what and where the symptoms were. He took some X-rays and had me demonstrate my range of motion, and had me run through some simple exercises so he could tell what and where the problem was.  On subsequent visits, he has done some adjustments on my back and neck, with positive results.

My neck pain had kept me from being able to exercise.  I already have enough problems with motivation and scheduling, so it was very frustrating that I was ready to exercise and had the time to do so but was physically unable to.  It was also dangerous for me to drive since I couldn’t turn my head as quickly as is sometimes necessary.  It was also very uncomfortable to ride my motorcycle, which is my passion.
After a few months of treatment, I am able to exercise as hard as I wish.  Riding and driving are normal again, and while I can still feel some discomfort at the ends of my range of motion, it doesn’t limit me in any way.  I was expecting at least six months of treatment to get to this level, but I noticed a difference almost immediately and have improved much more quickly than I would have thought.
Some people may doubt the effectiveness of chiropractic, but for me, it has been the cure to a pretty serious problem.  I can’t recommend it enough.

Matt Tonner


A LopezI met Dr. Rode thru my networking group, and heard his 10 minute presentation. That’s when I really paid attention to what chiropractic care can do to treat many problems that I had no clue were related to my spine. I had for about 3 years or more severe jaw pain, every time I ate, yawned or just moving my mouth you could hear the snapping. It was so painful I had been to my primary doctor who referred me to a specialist. I had been to the dentist who gave me mouth guards to wear at night. None of these things were helping, I was even considering having TMJ surgery hoping it would help make the pain go away. The headaches were coming and going and still nothing would help.

So I decided to give Dr. Rode a try. After the fist few visits, I noticed a huge difference. My headaches had subsided and my jaw and face were already feeling better. I continued my sessions till I got too large from my pregnancy, but it has been about four months since I’ve been to Dr. Rode and still no problems with my jaw or headaches. I have since become a believer of chiropractic care and would recommend this to anyone with any symptoms. You never know the connection it has to your spine and how it may be cured with a little adjustment to your back.

Andrea Lopez


P SpurlingI first visited Dr. Kip Rode in December 2008 after suffering from severe back and elbow pain . I had tried “working through the pain”, and all sorts of pain killers and ointments without any success. Finally the pain got so bad that I decided I had to try something different. I searched the Internet and found Dr. Rode’s website and made an appointment.
Dr. Rode took x-rays, and thoroughly explained my problems, and recommended a course of treatment. After a couple of treatments I was feeling much better, and after a few weeks all the pain was gone. After four months no pain has returned and I am feeling better than I have in years. Hopefully others will not wait as long as I did to seek treatment. I thoroughly recommend Dr. Rode

Peter Spurling



B EvansI sought out chiropractic care to see if it could help with my sciatica. I was experiencing pain in my low back that went down my left leg. It was very painful and caused me to avoid most any physical activity. Even something simple like sitting in a chair was uncomfortable unless it had good low back support. If it didn’t I had to consciously sit abnormally erect. To see if I could get relief I then decided to see Dr. Rode. He took a set of x-rays of my spine and identified unleveling of my pelvis, and misalignment of the rest of my spine. Dr Rode explained to me why these problems were causing pain.
After my first treatment I had quite a bit of relief, which progressed quickly to almost complete relief in just a couple weeks. I can say that after two months of treatment I have been able to resume my normal daily activities. Thank you Dr. Rode.

Bryan Evans



C HanesI have worked as a medical assistant in a busy OB/GYN office for almost 3 years. For the past 1 1/2 years I have suffered from severe headaches and neck pain. I’ve been to the doctor on several occasions and tried different medications to no avail. Finally I decided to try going to a chiropractor. So I contacted my insurance company to find a chiropractor near my home that could see me late in the day after I left work. That is how I found Dr. Rode.
My first appointment was in December 2008. On the first visit he x-rayed my entire spine. Then on the second visit we discussed the x-rays and decided on a treatment plan. I received my first adjustment at that time. I saw Dr. Rode twice a week for a short time then once a week. Since then I barely get a headaches anymore and when I do get one it goes away with a couple of Tylenol. I feel 100% better and wished I had thought of going to a chiropractor much sooner! Anyone experiencing these kinds of problems or pains should definitely try going to a chiropractor.

Cassandra Hanes



L LofaroBefore I started receiving chiropractic care, I had pain on the left side of my neck and head almost daily. The pain levels would fluctuate from a level of 3 to 7. This condition initially started about three years ago and has been on and off thereafter. I had previously sought help from medical Dr.’s who all lead me to believe and diagnosed me as having stress related headaches and or migraines. I was given different types of medications and was told to do neck exercises to provide relief for my pain, however, nothing seemed to help me out. My condition was limiting me and interfering with my moods to the point where I was feeling a little down and depressed with my unresolved condition.

After getting frustrated with medical doctors not being able to provide me with relief and the proper diagnosis, I took it upon myself to start doing my own research for alternative treatments.
I am very satisfied with my chiropractic care, and I am able to resume my normal life now. I hope my experience will encourage others to seek chiropractic care, as opposed to always seeking medical doctors for medication as the only type of relief for pain. I am very satisfied with the results I have had with Dr. Rode and am so relieved that my condition improved within the first month. I am also very glad to be off all of the medications I was prescribed.

Lori Lofaro


M VillegasWhen I first came in to see Dr. Rode I had a serious back problem that had been bothering me for over a year and a half after my car accident. My pain level from 1 to 10 was a 10 being the worst pain you can imagine.  The pain I was experiencing was in my lower back and it also affected my legs and feet.  I felt a sharp pain in my lower back and tingling in my legs and feet. Before coming to Dr. Rode I had gone to another chiropractor and to physical therapy, but the pain in my lower back, legs and feet was still there.  I had to take pain medicine almost every day, which is something that I knew wasn’t fixing the problem just helping remove it for a short period of time, but then the pain would come back.  The previous chiropractor said “You are not getting any better but you are not getting any worse”.  This was a red flag, something Dr Rode will never say, because he really cares for the patient and works with you to get you not just better but feeling great.  Honestly, with that other chiropractor I felt that as time progressed my pain level was increasing and I was not getting any better.  My sister Silvia had told me to go with Dr. Rode since she came to him before for treatment and obtained great results. When I first came to see Dr Rode we sat down and I explained to him about my lower back pain. He asked me various questions about my pain, what else was bothering me and I also filled out some health questionnaires. In addition, he took some x-rays to see what was going on and actually went over the x-rays and explained what could be going on based on what he saw. After the analysis he recommended to me to be seen three times a week and as time progressed and I felt better then two times and eventually to one time a week. I followed this plan and the results were great, my pain level is 0 and it feels great. Before my condition interfered with my life style greatly, I could not exercise because if I did my pain in my lower back would be greater. I couldn’t be standing or walking for long periods of time because my lower back, legs and feet would hurt very much.  Also at the end of a long work day all I wanted to do is rest because I couldn’t handle my back pain.  Now everything is different, my pain level was decreasing as therapy with Dr. Rode progressed and I was able to do the things I enjoyed like exercising or simply going for walk. My pain level now is 0 and it feels great, I stayed with the treatment for about eight months.  This was something that took time and commitment to come to therapy every time from Ramona, but it was worth it, because now I’m pain free.  This not only helped me feel great and  I now able to do the things without worrying that my back would hurt more.  I was able to lose about 35 pounds because now I can exercise as much as I want to. I really hope that my experience will to start chiropractic care, like I mentioned I had tried other methods but this one is the best and you won’t regret it, the results are amazing.  Dr. Rode will take care of you, he is very professional and really cares for your health.  I remember the first time I came a patient told me “Your in good hands, he’s the best”

Melissa Villegas


J AndersonMy lower back pain started after an 8 day road trip up the California coast to Oregon. Upon returning from that trip, my back and left leg began to hurt. I tried another chiropractor and did some traction therapy and adjustments, but that never helped. Then I tried some physical therapy and had some positive results after 30 days. Occasionally when my back would cramp I would take a muscle relaxer which helped to sleep but never fixed the problem.

After about 8 months of trying other solutions to the problem, I cam upon Rode Chiropractic from an Internet search. Rode Chiropractic was the only chiropractic provider who set up a treatment plan that addressed the problem in my lower back and along my spine. Dr. Rode found my back to be out of alignment in more than one place and prescribed a treatment plan that was effective in easing the muscle pain that I experienced and gradually worked out the skeletal problems of my lower back.

I’ve been getting treatments at Rode Chiropractic for over a year and have had great success. My lower back strength and I am able to enjoy my kids and my job again. Even though I occasionally have pain and discomfort in my sciatic nerve, getting my treatments at Rode Chiropractic is always a welcome reprieve from the alternative, which is drugs and surgery.

I have always been a supporter of chiropractic care and continue to support it. Everyone should consider chiropractic for their chronic muscle and skeletal “aches and pains” before resorting to surgery. The gradual treatment and corrections of chiropractic therapy are far more effective for long term reief than nay short term quick fix from surgery and pills.

Jacob Anderson



C KellogDue to a young history with cancer when my body would begin to have issues my doctors would quickly jump to various forms of tests, lots of blood work and other less than fun stuff that was performed so frequently that it almost became routine.  I began to have some really bad digestive and intestinal issues and experience some bleeding, I was sent to have a colonoscopy. After the procedure was complete  the doctors couldn’t find any direct cause for my problems.  The only explanation he could think of was that there seemed to be a problem with the communication that takes place between my brain and my digestive system. Not knowing what else to do he prescribed me some extremely strong and expensive probiotic pills and call him in two weeks. I walked out thinking “Great another pill to be on and another hit to my budget, and why the heck did my brain and digestive system stop talking to each other.?”

Enter Dr. Rode. I met Dr Rode and learned a little of what he does. Impressed enough by the man alone, I felt confident and comfortable enough to visit his office and have x-rays done to see if we could find some answers. Answers were found. I had a water skiing accident 5 years ago that twisted up my spine. Though I suffered from my injury to my hamstring, I was not having back pain that put me on alert.  The twisted spine resulted in a clamping down of the nerves coming out of my spine. He was able to show me on his chart which nerves of mine were being impinged and these happened to be the nerves to my digestive system and more specifically my intestines. Finally the answer. My brain couldn’t talk to my intestines because the nerves had pressure on them. I thought my MD sounded ridiculous telling me my brain and digestive system were not communicating anymore. Well he was completely correct but unfortunately opted to prescribe me a pill rather than advise that I see a doctor who is an expert on the nervous system, a chiropractor.  Dr Rode put me on a plan of frequent adjustments and in only a month’s time, I no longer suffer with these issues I was experiencing. I take no pills and my body is back to a proper working machine with all lines of communication intact. I thank Dr. Rode for his care, genuine concern, desire for solutions, and expertise. Thank you Dr. Rode!

Chemain Kellog 


K WardI suffered from a herniated disk in the L4/L5 region of my back. The herniated disk was pressing down on my sciatic nerve sending pain down my left leg. The pain was uncomfortable and created issues with daily activities such as walking, sitting, and sleeping.

After meeting with my primary care doctor, I was referred to a back specialist.  The specialist suggested surgery.  I was not ready to jump to surgery so I sought out other opinions.  I was referred to chiropractic care by some friends that had success from it.  I had used chiropractic about 10 years ago for a separate issue so I was somewhat familiar with adjustments.

The original examination was a discussion of the issue in depth and included x-rays of my spine. A treatment plan was discussed and put into action.  We started out with multiple visits each week.  Over time the visits were paired down until the issue was resolved. My condition made it difficult to take part in one of my favorite hobbies; playing golf.  It was also difficult to sit for any period of time without discomfort. Sleeping was also a challenge.  After a couple of months, the sciatica subsided and has not returned. I now maintain my alignment with a monthly treatment.  It has been a year free from pain.  I have been pleased with the results from Rode Chiropractic and plan on continuing my maintenance treatments.

Kevin Ward



When I first came to Dr. Rode I had several problems. After a car accident in 2005, I was frequently having severe lower back pain. Dr. Rode was my third chiropractor and by far the best. After monthly visits with Dr. Rode I was feeling a lot less pain, which in turn gave me more energy that I needed in order to function normally.

Dr. Rode started with a full examination

and x-rays. He made several suggestions on what I could do to improve my condition. I feel so much better, I recently started a martial arts class.  Before I didn’t have enough energy to get through the day, but now I’ve got extra to burn.  My heartburn and several other aches and pains have just gone away. I sleep much better now also. I used to wake up three or four times a night and now I’m sleeping a good seven or eight hours per night. Hopefully others will seek the help of a professional like Dr. Rode.  Leave the pain medication at the medical doctor’s office and try chiropractic care.

 Justis Warhurst



S SwansonI  had chronic neck and upper back issues ever since a car accident in 1997. It had gotten so bad that it took me from a half an hour to forty-five minutes just to get out of bed in the morning.  I started going to Dr. Kip in early 2009 to see if he would be able to help.  For many years I had tried different forms of treatment from seeing other chiropractors to acupuncture and massage therapy and none had provided any type of permanent relief for me.

I originally met Dr. Kip through a networking group I was attending and got a chance to really know him.  From my first impression on, I felt that he was very knowledgeable in his profession and seemed very genuine with his efforts on wanting to help me get better.  So I decided to go see Dr. Kip and on my first consultation, he took X-rays and educated me on the issues I have with my back along with the solutions on how to alleviate the pain.  And in less than 2 months of sessions my pain was gone.  I now am able to wake up in the morning pain free and enjoy many things I love to do like working out, playing softball and overall just being active.

As I stated before, Dr. Kip is not only very knowledgeable in his profession, he is a very honest and caring person as well.  He didn’t just help make the pain go away, he showed me exercises along with changes in lifestyle that I could follow to ensure it doesn’t come back.  I hope that my experience would prompt others to try chiropractic care.  It has made my quality of life so much better due to the fact that my pain is gone.  I highly recommend calling Dr. Kip for all your chiropractic needs.

Sean Swanson